Life Experience

Experience is the essence of this life. it is the entity by whch you mesure your own enfolding. In this world as a beings we are to experience what it is to be a human being. all of it in its entirety. We are doing our first steps in eternity and learning to be or being who we are at every moment. Experience is the purpose of us being here where we are.

We are the ones who determine this experience. the more fearful you are the less you are advantageous and allowing yourself to experience, the more you liberate yourself from fears, you internal fears the more you allow yourself to feel deeply and experience the depts of any given moment.

What liberate you from fears you may ask. there are different ways how you can deal with your fears: You can work it out by thinking about what you fear the most and then try to reason and get out of this fearful feeling within, there is NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, that may help you control your fears by controlling the images that you may have in your mind. But there are subconscious fears that are like programs running in the background. The subtle you are or the more sensitive you are then you feel that certain feelings arice from within and you do not know why this happens, you try to relax and it may help. Some people just accept that they have the fears and live with them, creating their life around them. Life becomes very narrow living that way, because you cannot experience your life in full way, and everyday life becomes miserable. You are existing and this existance you call life.

So what to do with these fears. One way is to look into your believe system as believe system is very often runs your life. and to get to your core you will have to go through these believes that you have by questioning them or relaxing them.

Some regression therapists identify those believes that do not serve you or is in the way of you happy life, then they take you back to the point of your life, in your memory, where you have formed these believes, question them and release them by forming something different that may serve you instead of limiting you.

There is another yet very effective way to eliminate fears is to interact with the living Divine, source and centre of entire creation. You may heard phrases like «god lives in us», «divine spark is in us», etc. So it is literally means that Creators particle really truly indwells our mind and we can truly discover It and connect to Creator. Creator is the Source of spirit, source of Light and by communicating to Creator your subconscious mind, where all the believes sit, is organised and darkness just slowly let the positions to the light and consciousness in your being.

Communicating to Creator or at least approaching Creator and talking to Creator relaxes you makes you way much calmer being. By having calmness and peace within you, you start identifying to this calmness and living out of this calmness or from it. when you do that, then your vibration rises and, when your vibration rises then you experience of life becomes enlightened. Living life in peace and harmony, living life with Creator makes it truly very happy experience. How to start communicating to creator is clearly explained in the chapters ’The practice of silence’