Believe and you achieve it

You have to vibrationally become that what you want to attract.

This is a very profound truth because many people think that their thoughts create their reality, which is not really true as the thoughts you attract to your mind depends on the vibration you are in at every moment and how you feel. That explains why you can't think happy thoughts when you are sad or broke and you do not remember any bad moments when you are in complete bliss. that must make sense.


Gradual steps to achieve what you want

You have to understand graduation. For example, seeking financial freedom while not having food on the table is not a gradual way to approach your desires. You have to take comfortable steps to achieve what you want.

Braking through into your creating mind from your controlling mind.

The human mind is constantly living in the past. It is full of reactions resistance and fear. It also often dwells on future illusions and hopes.

 The law of attraction always works and never stops working while creating more of that what the mind puts the attention on. therefore reactive lower human mind can't escape the vicious circle of suffering that is called samsara in Sanskrit.

Your mindset has to shift into a deeper vibrational reality that occurs in the now.  

The easiest way to achieve that level of consciousness is through being grateful.  

Be grateful for who you are today, for what you have today, be grateful for what you see outside that you would like to have. Be grateful for what you can think about. 

This is another crucial step to getting what you want in life. The conditioned and controlling mind get mixed results because the nature of such mind is instability and survival. This mind changes constantly, jumping from one object to another, and doesn’t focus enough on permanent intentions. Finally, the results that it gets does not satisfy the bearer anyway.

Seeking to propel relax and purify the mind, to stabilize the vibration, supposes stable achievements and stable growth through the attraction.

It is not what you want that matters and important but how you vibrate to attract what you want is important.

Vibrational factor - the mind shift has to happen into a higher vibrating mind so to see and feel how the original thought is born and things initially appear.

When you take responsibility for your life then you get to the cause of how you create your reality. «How to Live your life the way so not to give excuses»? That should be your question This question sets your mind to see the reasons of your actions and allows you to take control and be in charge of your life. Try it and see what happens.

Knowing what you do not want helps to get what you want.

When you identify what you do not want then it is easier to understand what you want because that is always the opposite. After you understand that start creating a solution based mindset and only think about what you want turning your back completely to things that you do not desire in your life

This technique sets your mind for feeling good and when you feel good then you attract only more good feeling things.

Removing strong desire.

When you state that you do not want what you really want, then your thought will still flow the energy towards your desire. This way you will take the eagerness and desire away from your mind because strong desire and inability to achieve what you want very often lead to depression and to opposite vibration.  

Allow things to happen the universes way

The angel architects and other higher vibrating beings that we can't see because of our vision range are at work to create situations and deliver what you desire in your mind. Therefore know what you want but always be curious about how it is going to be delivered your way and do not get attached to these ways, rather do your part and keep the vibration steady. This way you will feed the delivery of your desires.

Time creates a buffer for the process to realign but it is not an identifying factor for attracting and creating things that you want to achieve or have,

Affirmation is the way to break you out into different vibrational levels.

Affirmation for what you want has to be repeated and imprinted into your mind from the state of being grateful.

Affirmation has to break the way out of the limiting vibrational mind. When you start repeating the affirmation then very often it is even very difficult to memorize it because the vibration of your mind has to readopt to the vibration of the affirmation.

It has to be repeated until the mind fully accepts and imprints in itself the meaning and the energy vibration of the affirmation and the subconscious mind adopts it as its own belief.

That what you say has to become a belief and imprint itself into your subconscious mind, then the statement of the affirmation becomes a reality and works even when you sleep

The doubt

The doubt is an obstacle arising from a fearful and conditioned mind. What if… it says. The doubt is a sign that resisting a lower vibrating mind is still strong and keeps your thoughts in their grips. To really get to affirm your desired life the doubt has to be ignored.

Someone may object, that you lie to yourself when you say things that are not your reality as yet. For example, your affirmation may sound that «money comes to me from various sources on a consistent basis and in increasing amounts» may not sound true to the mind and that is ok, but the lower mind performs its functions to keep you in survival mode and that is what it is designed to do. keep you at survival. To override this thought you have to use affirmation to create a different and desired vibrational reality.

··· What the mind of man can conceive and MAKE ITSELF to believe it can achieve.

··· Stay balanced and calm, give your desired subject attention but do not talk about it, do not swear by your definite achievements of it to anyone.

··· Do not tell how you are now going to crush it. because it might not happen and the world is watching and creating pressure for you. This attitude often leads to failure.

··· Rather stay calm and focus on as if it is already with you, make yourself believe it, align to it, feel it in your presence, act it out. and wait. ONLY FOND ALIGNMENT no rush or hard labor to achieve it.

   Best of luck with your achievements.

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