The clean intestinal tract is what keeps a person healthy and strong.

The clean intestinal tract is what keeps a person healthy and strong, but the unhealthy lifestyle and poor choice of foods seem to have taken a toll on the intestines of the people these days. No wonder that most people tend to suffer from various health issues and diseases.

The bacteria in the gut is adapting to what you eat and then it demands the foods that it wants for you to experience the craving.

There are a lot of medicines and treatments to solve health problems, although letting nature take its hand is surely the best idea. This is one of the main reasons why Shankprakshalana is the best when it comes to cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. This is one of the best ways to thoroughly cleanse one's intestines in a natural way without any kind of medical intervention.

The method involves drinking 1.5 litres of water with 1.5 tablespoons sea salt without the top (this does not have to be very exact, like gram to gram), the salt concentration is 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 litre of water. `then performing special stretching exercises. There should be light food consumption in the evening prior to the procedure. It has to be done on an empty stomach and there is a specific way to end Shankprakshalana.  It flushes out all the wastes from the body and releases blockages.

Preparing for  Shankprakshalana

A light dinner prior to the day that you plan to practice Shankprakshalana is advisable. Make sure that it does not include any dairy products, meat, and very heavily mixed food like starter main course, and dessert. One type of food is advisable.
Shankprakshalana should be practiced on an empty stomach and preferably early in the morning. Add 1.5 teaspoons of salt to 1.5 litre of room temperature water (Salty lukewarm water may make you feel nauseous). This water doesn't have to be boiled or distilled prior to using it.

In the morning quickly drink a pint 0.5 litre of this salty water and proceed to do exercises, repeated 6 times each side in one round. The whole process involves two or three complete rounds of these yoga exercises, or until the process starts. It is important to perform the exercises in the same order as described in the video below.

While doing the exercises you should make sure that the lower part of the body is not moving in any way, the feeling should be as if you are in the ground and moving only the upper body. At the same time feel the subtle stretch in your intestines. The exercises are designed to open the sphincters between the digestive organ parts to allow the free flow of the water.

Once you have completed 6 repetitions of each of the above exercises, you have completed one round of the exercises. Drink another pint of salty water and repeat another round of these exercises. In case you feel the call of nature, it is perfectly fine to leave exercises and go to the toilet.

After Shankaprakshalana

Completing this whole process can take some time which is why it is advisable that you do not plan anything else for the first part of the day. Once you complete the procedure, please rest your body at least for two hours, this is like a very serious cleansing exercise for your body. However, make sure not to go to sleep but rather lay down and let your body rest. 

After two hours of performing Shankaprakshalana, you can go ahead and eat some boiled rice. It should not be salted rice thought. This rice bowl will just end the process. 

Summing up

Shankaprakhshalana can go a long way in cleansing the intestinal tracts and restoring good health, which is why advisable to practice it regularly. However, this is not suitable for pregnant women. People suffering from certain medical conditions should get the advice of an expert before practicing it. I would also advise restoring the natural bacteria in the gut after Shankprakshalana, natural foods are the best for it as they carry certain bacteria with them for its digestion.  naturally, in the gut, occurring bacteria in capsules is good for it too.

Last advice

Keep it very simple. There is a lot of controversial information about shankprakshalana on the internet, and some variations are very complicated, some recommend to do it in one way and others in another, but I have explained it here in most simple way. It works for me and it works for my customers, it should work for you too. 

Enjoy your good health.

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