Ultimate transformation quest


Five basic steps to what it takes to take the power back into your hands and clearly see your position in life to continuously grow and improve the depth and variety of experience.  Skip that and your journey ends yet without even beginning to walk.

Put yourself first

Who you are and what is your life, your original thought and why it is important to put yourself in your life first.

Understanding the laws of the spiritual realm

Ten practical processes to transition and stay in the spiritual reality regardless of what is happening around in the world and your immediate reality.

- These are powerful steps that define who you are depending on your decision.

Obstacles to your awakening

Understanding The duality of the mind and how it functions on different levels so to awaken and to see your personal life much deeper.

- Miss this and you continue to drift in life aimlessly entrenched into circles of suffering.

Discovering Your Purpose

The most painful subject for many people is their purpose. So we will learn what it takes to uncover that purpose and stay clear on it.

Emotions, limiting beliefs and other mind filters

Emotions and believes that filter and distort your reality causing suffering and trauma and how to transition to a natural quality of human being – clairvoyance.

Always feel good

Two ways how your thinking process is connected to how you feel and how that affects your wellbeing.

Your Brain and Your Mind

Understand how your brain works and how you can use the main principles of neuroscience to your advantage.

Energy manipulation

Energy manipulation and how it affects you and others around you.

Law of attraction

Learn in depth how the law of attraction works and understand the underlying principles of this law. How it correlates with your subconscious mind/

Other Laws

The laws that runs entire creation. 

What happens in your mind and in your world when these laws are fragmented, disobeyed, and not understood.


Various ways of transformation of your mind. 

During this coaching course we will look into eternity. What it means and how 

How feeling eternity eliminates many basic human limitations and how it can be yet another path to your transformation and elimination of your fears?

What it takes to uncover that part of yourself that actually already know this eternal existence.

Stay empty stay teachable

Absorb every valuable experience fully, understand the reasons behind it and always always be ready to absorb more by learning how to stay teachable all the time.

The Source and Centre of Creation

Trust and open your mind to the reality of The Creator - The Great Source and Centre, stop searching and enjoy life full of love and bliss literally.

The family relations 

The Perfect family model and how it is build to the likeness of the universe. 

How to choose partner and live fulfilling life. 

Relationship between man and woman, children and parents.

Other various processes that arises during the coaching mentoring course

Processes behind the mind reading, and more.

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