Shiatsu can help while planning to have a baby.

Shiatsu could be very helpful and supportive for the women's body while she is expecting a baby, but it can also help to prepare the body for conception. If you experience difficulty to conceive, shiatsu can be effective too, as the reasons for infertility can be physical, emotional or mental and may affect both partners. 

We do not need to be healed, we have already got our health, it is that sometimes we do not realise that the problems can be eliminated through unlearning.

Please feel free to arrange the treatments and I will also travel to treat you at your home if that is something you require at this uneasy but at the same time so exciting time of expecting the baby.

Shiatsu during pregnancy

As women say, emotional and physical support is most needed during this period. Especially this is true in the last months of the pregnancy and shiatsu is brilliant therapy to get this so much needed support, relaxation, and southing.

After a series of treatments, my clients report increased awareness and connection with the baby. They also feel stability, well-being and have a better sleep.

Shiatsu to help delivery

Using specific pressure points, the labor can be induced safely and naturally when birth is overdue.  This is a stressful time when you don't know what is going on and why the baby doesn't start asking to come to this world. 

Birth-inducing medicine is not always a good idea for this reason. I have helped women on several occasions to induce birth. I also helped my partner when our baby was overdue.  My advice and knowledge are holistic and experience-based, but it is always important to hear qualified doctors advise. 

Pain levels can be effectively managed during the birth of a baby. Using specific body points baby can be delivered faster and easier.    

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