My Philosophy

– We have a choice and free will to do whatever we want, from creating and being creative to destroying our lives, to making choices or to disappear from existence. The best choice is to fuze the free will given to us with the Will of Creator, and then we have a choice to grow and develop beyond thought possible.  

– Our free will is given to us to choose to have our life entirely for ourselves, fulfilling our wishes, reaching our goals, consuming everything and everywhere we go, or discovering the Fragment of  Creator, the Source and Centre within us and making wiser choices for the good of all.

– LOVE is the essence, the energy that flows through us if we act according to the will of Source The Creator for us, It doesn't flow to lives selfishly lived, it doesn't flow when we think destructive thoughts, it doesn't flow when we think about what we do not want, but it always flow when we entertain creative and creating thoughts for the good of all.

– The energy is the base of everything visible and invisible. Learn to shape and move this energy with your mind in your body, restore the flow and seemingly miracles happen in almost no time – the healing takes place.  

– Energy is behind our thoughts, and our thoughts are material.

– I believe that we all have the potential to heal ourselves and others. Only this skill needs to be developed. To realize this ability one needs to learn to sense the energy and connect the mind to the body. One needs to silence the evolutionary self.  

– The mind has to be emptied and maintained to guaranty smooth mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is like a computer that needs to be tuned up, optimized and updated to run smoothly.

– Thought formations affirmed intensively enough and crystallized into beliefs become running programs that either limit you, or support you.  

– Your beliefs can make you poor and rich, healthy or miserable. 

– Your belief system shapes your priorities and basically runs your life, helps to unfold the potential or hide it from the realization.  

–  Limiting believes sabotage the wellbeing and it is better wiser and beneficial to release them by testing them. Correct them, and you will create smooth and organic energy flow throughout your being. This, in turn, sorts out the psychological, mental issues and emotional traumas.  

– We are the masters of our lives and the co-creators of our reality. The more conscious we become the more freedom and depth we may experience, the more freedom we experience the more responsibility we take for the consequences of our thoughts and our deads.



Experience, knowledge, and help can come from various sources, do not have Preconceptions.

Stereotypical thinking may keep you stuck and ignorant. Pay attention and soak everything that comes your way. You will be surprised at what you will discover and how much you still dont .

The mind has to be kept empty and controlled, and you have to become a master of your mind. 

Only compare yourself to yourself, never to others,  everyone is unique and has its own purpose and destiny.

An opinion means stagnation, allow the river of life to flow because life is in constant change, what you think today may change tomorrow. Do not have strong opinions.

You did not yet master the universal laws of being, If certain life situations still surprises you.

Be kind to everyone, love everyone including wrongdoers. You may not agree with what they do but their essence comes from the same Source as yours. We all come from the same Creator.

Admit how you feel and do not lie to yourself, you will only crate depression if how you feel and what you say differs.

Always forgive yourself and others, anger and upset are the deadliest poison to your life and wellbeing it doesn't do much to others

Master your vibration and seek to always feel good. Only this way you will create a happy life not vice versa.

Envy and greed will carry you away from who YOU are, and then you will get lost in someone else's dreams.

You do not need to be fixed, you only need to find your way back to your wholeness.

All answers are within you. Literally.
Observe life and ask only the questions that will bring you deeper to your core.  

Ask long enough until the experience reveals the answers.  

After all the questions end the real answers will emerge for you from everywhere.

Manage your expectations, If you expect a certain outcome, you will have a lot of disappointment. If you just do good for all without expectations, then good will flood you from all corners of life.

My life philosophy is formed through this experience: 

  • Practice and learning directly from the spiritual teacher while living with him.

  • Practicing energy exercises and meditation designed to transcend the body experience to the ultimate levels of freedom. I have practised that for the bigger part of my life. Energy feeling became an inclusive part of my everyday life and allows me to see clearly.  it is in my habits and belief system. 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu Therapy studies gave an in-depth understanding of holistic human health.     

  • Nutritional studies gained while working with nutrition distribution companies.

  • Healing methods that I have discovered while suffering from eczema.

  • Traditional Japanese Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu combination –  the fusion of oriental and western medicine.

  • Ninpo Martial Arts that I have studied for nine years enriched my life with a different kind of professional experience.

  • Being a father of two children. 

  • Discovering Divine within and teaching others to do so.

Never place the sword against the Heart

For almost nine years I have practiced Ninpo martial arts with Genbukan Ninpo under Martin O'reily.

It helped to connect my mind to the body even more than It was before. Ninpo martial art that I have been studying is the only martial art in the world that is still being taught in a traditional manner, the way that it was thought for the last 900 hundred years. It was truly magical to practice this martial art as with every new level I was feeling the changes in me. I felt more mature, I felt more in my core. It felt somewhat mystical and mysterious to practice the moves and techniques that have been designed in war times and never lost its seriousness, its true intention. I felt connecting these ancient times and the present in myself, I felt the responsibility that mounts on me and I saw the realization of my own personal potential, yet another aspect of my choice.

Amatsu Tatara was the spiritual discipline that was taught along with Ninpo and one of the disciplines that Amatsu Tatara teaching said was that one has to pursue a martial way and spiritual way to be full and to have a full understanding of life.

Me and my  martial art teachers. 

Always believe in yourself

Some time ago, while hanging the adds in the health shops in the local town I met an art teacher. She was advertising her services. I quickly glimpsed into her add and was a little bit surprised, because painting art was long on my mind. I just didn’t know where to start. This is a good example when we don’t need to think "how" but rather know what we want and trust that the wise flow will take us to the destination.

'Let me try what you do' I said, and I can do shiatsu treatments for you as a payment?. The deal was done on the spot. She was facilitating the classes of the Waldorf method of painting. I took a course and started experimenting with the movement and Conte crayons while expressing the elements on the paper. Suddenly I have realised that canvas is the place where I am a creator and I decide what has to be drawn or painted on it next moment. I have complete freedom of expression and I decide where the line curves and stops and what is going to be the next step. This therapeutic freedom of my own expression was so exciting. I took the work that I was just exercising on and started looking for the pattern or form, something that wants to express itself. With complete freedom of expression, I was looking for potential and I felt that I was looking out for myself in my artwork.  I had a theme in mind and allowed my hands to draw at the same time sensing and watching what wants to emerge in the painting, rather than thinking about what to paint. The art and pictures speak and want to be born want to be expressed on the paper through us.

This was my very first work:

"The Birth Of The World"

As an artist, you have complete freedom of choice, from selecting the material to the end result. Everything is acceptable and entirely and up to you. You will not be judged for your expression. You are the creator: you mess up, it's good, you paint something you love, it's good too, you throw the painting out the window or destroy it, it is your choice.

The parallels can be drawn and the same approach can be applied to your life. You take complete responsibility for your steps, you decide your direction, the way to express yourself within and without. You live for yourself. You live for life itself, disconnecting conditions and judgment from this moment. You act because you want it that way and it is completely your choice, you take responsibility for the consequences and there is no one to judge you. Your life is your life, your direction is your direction and everything that feels right is good.  

This way of thinking is very healing. It adds spontaneity to your existence. Whatever road you would decide to take in life, is ok as long as you are conscious of your choices and responsible for accepting the consequence, that fits into the frame of your direction.

"The Soul"