I started taking classes with Valdas at the end of 2020. At that time, I was doing a lot of searching and learning, and he messaged me out of the blue and offered help, - perfect timing. I was wondering whether I was taking the right path in my spiritual and intellectual growth. My conversations with Valdas confirmed my decisions and made me feel validated in my efforts and excited about all the new possibilities becoming available to me. Valdas’s class opened my eyes to a lot of things about how this world - and our minds - work and improve, how to become truly free and happy, how to get in touch with the universe. His words helped me in things small and big, from routine family issues to global philosophical questions. I also really liked the fact that, in his guidance on spiritual growth, he didn’t disregard our physical body, but stressed the importance of being fit and in control of it. Valdas gave me an example of a person I would like to become myself. He himself is quite special. He is calm and soft-spoken, deep in his analysis and logical and persuasive in his arguments. He had done a lot of research and is very knowledgeable. He can feel your thoughts and emotions even at a distance, which is a good thing in case you are ever in trouble. Conversations with Valdas give you a completely different perspective on things, fresh and new, that make complete sense and help you with improving your life. With him, you do not have to be afraid of rejection, judgement, shame or guilt; you only feel peace, desire to learn more and enjoyment of a positive, interesting, enriching exchange with real-life applications. He wasn’t scarred by his past personal experiences, but processed them and applied the lessons learnt in a positive way to his life going forward - this is something that should be respected. I wish he were a teacher at my children’s school

In short, I am very glad I took Valdas’s class and I am looking forward to our future conversations.


 I believe that I do not yet have complete clarity of my life. I am still learning and practising everything that I learned from Valdas, as it takes time to get to that level of clarity. However, my life is a lot more clear to me now in comparison to before the lessons. I believe that I have an easier time accepting situations that I may not find favourable, which leads to less stress and anxiety. I feel that I am a lot calmer and at peace internally than I was before. I realized that there is no point of surrounding myself with negativity when I can lead life with positivity (even in difficult situations). I will be honest that I am still learning how to handle certain life situations, but I definitely try my best to take things in a light manner. By doing this, I feel greater internal calmness which makes me feel good overall.


 Thank you Valdas for sharing your universal wisdom, teachings, kindness and understanding with me during my Life Coaching sessions with you. Working with you and listening to your advice (especially on relationships) was an enlightening and fulfilling experience. Your teachings on universal principles and fundamental core values really rang the truth to me. I felt like I always knew these aspects of life, but they were hidden somewhere inside and I needed someone to point me in the right direction to find them again

And you did exactly that with your patience and kindness. You helped me to open my eyes and heart to many new possibilities, especially when it comes to relationships and love. Also, I am truly grateful for helping me find inner peace and balance. During our sessions, I felt the presence of your warm positive energy and at the end of every session, I felt happy and more hopeful. Thank you



I worked with Valdas for several sessions. If you’re looking for somebody who can go deep and hold a still-point of presence and awareness that transforms as you work through issues, look no further. A lot happens on the subconscious and conscious levels in just one session alone! Give yourself the gift—try it for yourself. You deserve it. Jennifer



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